Kelp: Updates


I'm working hard to build Kelp, and it is currently in beta If you know anybody who would want to collaborate - across engineering, marketing, and more - please let me know and tell your friends!

🌟 North Star

Kelp organizes your documents, events and contacts to make work make sense.


It is difficult for us quickly gather the information we need to be effective.

Kelp tries to solve this problem by passively organizing information. We expect that passively organizing information can reduce the time spent searching for information and help you see bigger picture. Based on both my personal experience and HCI research on note taking, active information organization is both infeasible and ROI negative in many collaborative environments.


Kelp targets people who collaborate with others via meetings and documents.

They primary collaboration tools that benefit from Kelp are ones with unstructured structured data. For example, Google Docs, webpages and Slack messages are relatively unstructured whereas Jira tickets have more structure and don't need something like Kelp. Kelp is currently focused on people who work primarily in Google Docs, Slack, and their web browser.

Up Next

  • Small feature improvements
    • Display 'missing' attendees (people who are often in meetings with these people)
    • Display highlights (more meetings this week, haven't met with x person in a while…)
  • Next data sources to add
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Slack DMs
    • Web browsing history for whitelisted websites (Figma, Notion…?)

March 4 - A real designer and a beta Chrome Extension

Brought on an amazing designer - Erina Ho to work on…everything. She is starting from the UX bones and out to typography and branding.

We have a Chrome Extension working and launched privately here. It uses the new Chrome Manifest v3 which prevents the extension from loading external scripts and is quite secure for use in organizations where information exfiltration would be a concern. The extension is effectively 'on prem' as all data is on the users's computer and prevented from being sent elsewhere.

Major changes

  • Refactored authentication so that it works better on Mobile
  • Refactored the components so the Mobile and Chrome extension are the same code
  • Improved requests to appropriately handle Google API rate limiting
  • Large UX overhaul to make it easier to access documents associated with meetings and to find the 'join meeting' button
  • Rebuild of search
  • Removal of early experimental features.
  • V1 run through for Accessibility (

February 18 - Design

Working to simplify the app and keep the functionality minimal and clear.

Continuing to iterate on the chrome plugin.

February 9 - UI improvements

Progress and data quality is much improved. Should have added a local database earlier!

Major changes

  • Redesign of the app to work in a Chrome plugin.
    • Improve pageload performance
    • Allow the app to fully work while updating data in the background

Minor changes

  • Pull documents from attachments in Calendar events
  • Improve visual display and data quality in homepage charts
  • Improve search results display and linking
  • Fix contact note editing
  • Rank 'associates' based on number of meetings
  • Rank contributors on documents and list number of contributions
  • Support people with dots in their gmail address (
  • Improve document recommendations in calendar events to split documents from attendees vs non-attendees
February 2 - Adventures in a Chrome Plugin and a new Local Database for the app

The app now uses an actual database (on your computer - not for Kelp) to make page rendering super fast and to ease debugging.

We also started work on a Google Chrome plugin. It is in approval processes but seems like a great way to quickly find what you need.

January 22 - New homepage! with real UI elements
  • Homepage v3 including real UI
  • Charts for logged in homepage
  • Pull docs from meeting description
  • Email guests from calendar events
  • working Mobile and iPad version
  • Small bugs
    • HandleMeeting tile with slash
    • Fix document fetching for people with lots of documents
January 10 - Bugfixes

Fix some pagination and visual bugs with lists

Plan homepage and improvements to clarify panels

December 18 - Meeting helper

Meeting-prep notifications

Automatically create meeting notes with share url

Add tooltips for document links to see who last edited the document precisely when

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Improve formatting of related meetings, documents and people
  • Display hangouts links in calendar events
  • Pull documents from meeting descriptions
December 12 - Logged in Homepage

Create logged in homepage and interactive visualization that shows 'pods'

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Fix calendar overlap issues
  • Improve copy for sections of related documents
  • Improve fake data to be more realistic
  • Change hosting providers to be higher security and more affordable
  • Added error tracking with IP address anonymization
  • Display the calendar event popup in the week calendar view
November 29 — Communication

Generally improve how the app communicates what it does

  • Show all data filters even if empty
  • Add filters to month summary view
  • Design improvements for information clarity

Usability improvements like autoscroll and better indicating the current time

Created a search page

Adapted some design elements from tailwind ui

November 8 — Bugfixes pre-sharing

Bug fixes and improvements

  • handle names in word cloud
  • document edit avatars don't handle people w/o avatars
  • login popup issue in chrome
  • meeting description with html
  • fix 'documents i edited during this meeting' filters for all documents
October 31 — Writing about Kelp
  • About page v2
  • Improve the display of google calendar events and google docs
  • Add contact actions
  • Improve document page
  • Go through any Lighthouse issues
October 25 — Adding the look back calendar
  • Debug why the Google Calendar api only returns created events in some Gsuite Orgs
  • Filter out contacts in 'contacts meeting with this week' if meeting has greater than x attendees
  • Improve name handling in TFIDF (configurable)
  • MVP TFIDF monthly Calendar
  • Handle popup error more gracefully on initial login
  • Refresh in the background
  • Meetings page usability improvements
  • Ability to add notes on contacts (sync with google contacts)
October 22 — It is real!
  • 🎉 Kelp's app was approved by Google
  • MVP Person popover
  • MVP Document popover
  • Google API Authentication flow improvements (no more popup on subsequent logins)
  • Working Mobile site for all except 7 day calendar
October 15 — Compliance and Legal
  • More human friendly terms and privacy pages
  • Homepage redesign and copy improvements across the site
  • Update icons and images on public pages