Kelp: Updates

Kelp: Updates


We're working hard to build Kelp, and it is currently in beta If you know anybody who would want to collaborate - across engineering, marketing, and more - please let us know and tell your friends!

This page chronicles progress on Kelp.

🌟 North Star

Kelp organizes your documents, events and contacts to make work make sense.


It is difficult to quickly gather the information needed to be effective across increasingly vast set of information sources.

Kelp tries to solve this problem by passively organizing information. We expect that passively organizing information can reduce the time spent searching for information and help you see bigger picture. Based on both my personal experience and HCI research on note taking, active information organization is both infeasible and ROI negative in many collaborative environments.


Initially, people who rely heavily on services with significant amounts of unstructured and poorly structured data. A good candidates for Kelp are Google G-Suite and Slack. Poor candidates for Kelp are tools like Github and Jira with relatively structured data and narrower collaborator groups.

Up Next

Share the homepage and demo for early feedback
Create MVP meeting-prep notifications
Deepen existing integrations for current user group to test out extensibilty of data model and auth scheme
Improve fake data to more realistically simulate document edits
Improve contact note editing
Fix calendar overlaps
Filters on word cloud page
Build search page
Pods of information
Heat map for documents
Current time on calendar
Handle returning from sleep
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Add this person to your google contacts for more info
guide experience more - search gmail
autoscroll to now
padding left on buttons
[bug] after refetch, activity disappears
November 8 — Bugfixes pre-sharing

Bug fixes and improvements

  • handle names in word cloud
  • document edit avatars don't handle people w/o avatars
  • login popup issue in chrome
  • meeting description with html
  • fix 'documents i edited during this meeting' filters for all documents
October 31 — Writing about Kelp
  • About page v2
  • Improve the display of google calendar events and google docs
  • Add contact actions
  • Improve document page
  • Go through any Lighthouse issues
October 25 — Adding the look back calendar
  • Debug why the Google Calendar api only returns created events in some Gsuite Orgs
  • Filter out contacts in 'contacts meeting with this week' if meeting has greater than x attendees
  • Improve name handling in TFIDF (configurable)
  • MVP TFIDF monthly Calendar
  • Handle popup error more gracefully on initial login
  • Refresh in the background
  • Meetings page usability improvements
  • Ability to add notes on contacts (sync with google contacts)
October 22 — It is real!
  • 🎉 Kelp's app was approved by Google
  • MVP Person popover
  • MVP Document popover
  • Google API Authentication flow improvements (no more popup on subsequent logins)
  • Working Mobile site for all except 7 day calendar
October 15 — Compliance and Legal
  • More human friendly terms and privacy pages
  • Homepage redesign and copy improvements across the site
  • Update icons and images on public pages